The enchanted garden of Villa del Quar

The Garden

live relaxing moments in the enchanted garden

Surrounded by the vineyard, the garden is simple but rich in flowers, scents and colours. Enriched by the Gazebo, the large swimming pool, the jasmine arches, the obelisk and fruit trees.
A “Locus amoenus” away from tension and noise, protected by the ancient Scaliger walls.

The jasmine arches mark the pathways and bound the organized spaces.
2 large cast-iron flowerpots, one white and one black, are placed at the intersection of 2 paths in a non-symmetrical position: the ying and the yang.
The garden is enriched by 17th century statues, terracotta vases, stones and a lapidarium with stones dating from 1100 to 1700.
An obelisk is placed in the garden to the east, reaching its summit from the jasmine arch, a group of cypress trees can be seen on the eastern hill, marking out an ancient Roman artefact.