The Rooms and Suites of Villa del Quar

Discover unique accomodation of an elegant 5 Star Luxury hotel in Verona

Villa del Quar features 25 romantic guestrooms and suites that provide a mixture of Old World charm with modern luxury. This lovely luxury hotel in Verona features 14 suites and 11 double rooms, adorned in the finest silks and velvet fabrics that blend seamlessly with the building’s unique architectural style. 

Every room comes complete with such amenities like satellite television, complementary WiFi, and Egyptian cotton sheets. Villa del Quar employs an attentive, welcoming staff, who are available to fulfill the request of every guest during their stay. The rooms are also pet-friendly, allowing for guests to bring their four-legged family members on their trips into northern Italy.



Simplicity and refinement


bedroom and bathroom
2 adults

24 – 30 sqm





Comfort and refined elegance

bedroom with work area, wardrobe and bathroom


2 adults 
30 – 36 sqm




An elegant journey into romance

large bedroom with sofa and work area


2 adults 1 children
32 – 36 sqm




Fitting into a dream from other times

large bedroom, living space with work area and sofa 


2 adults 1 children
38 – 52 sqm




Spacious suites and pure sophistication

large bedroom with work area, living room with sofa and workspace

2 adults 2 children
52- 57 sqm



The most luxurious Suite, a Masterpiece with a view of the vineyards

 large bedroom with sofa and workdesk, living room and 2 bathrooms 

2 adults 1 children
60 sqm