The Roman Wine cellar

Enter the Roman cellar where some of the most precious bottles of wine are kept.

The Cantina di Villa del Quar, located in the Medieval Portico, is a small jewel dating back to the Roman period.

In this suggestive setting, we organize exclusive tastings of Amarone, skilfully paired with platters of typical Venetian cold cuts and cheeses.

The structure of the cellar runs parallel to the side, at lower altitude, of the ancient Roman road, the “Claudia Augusta”.

The wine list, made up of no less than 1,000 important labels from all over the world, was awarded by Wine Spectator in 2013 with “The Best Award of Excellence”.


From the portico it is reached by a beautiful straight staircase, which halfway along the way is bordered by an upper face that leads to the microclimate of the cellar.
Four deep niches with a floor made of river Adige stone and overhanging faces created ventilation in ancient times.
The floor is made of terracotta tiles, which is based on an antique design.
The wines are housed in wooden structures with lozenge-shaped cells, specially designed so that even a single lying bottle can remain still. Above these structures there are three plaster busts to protect the contents.
The lighting consists of six iron torches, whose design was taken from braziers painted in a painting by Titian in 1576.
The entrance door dates back to the sixteenth century and consists of iron poles assembled with simple iron rivets.
There you can organize tastings in a magical atmosphere, such as:
– The Veneto in the glass
– The Amarones of Valpolicella
– The Italian and French Bubbles
Extraordinary verticals accompanied by appetizing amuse bouche and finger food.