A little jewel named Verona

Verona is a small jewel, a treasure of art, history and culture. Between squares and paved streets, monuments of the Roman period, medieval and Renaissance palaces, its historical centre can be easily reached on foot. Let yourself be fascinated by the majesty of the Arena and the monumental Castlevecchio, be part of the active life of the locals, get sentimental in the places of Romeo and Juliet and then relax with a walk along the Adige.

Verona has a unique historic centre, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO for its architecture and urban structure, romantic and fascinating with its bridges over the river Adige, the wonderful palaces and the small streets buzzing with people. From the most famous balcony in the world, Juliet’s balcony, to the wonderful squares and the spectacular Arena di Verona, history lovers will love how every era has left its mark, something to see and appreciate, in this city.

Do not miss…

The Arena

An emblem of the city, the Arena di Verona attracts millions of visitors every year, not only for its beauty and history but also for the important events and concerts it hosts. Built with Valpolicella stone, with shades of red and pink, was renovated in the 16th century, the Arena can now accommodate about 20,000 spectators thanks to its elliptical shape: it is the third largest Roman amphitheatre after the Colosseum in Rome and the Amphitheatre of Capua. Among the events, do not miss the famous Opera Festival, which every summer transforms the Arena di Verona into the largest open-air opera house in the world!


On Via Roma, lying on the banks of the river Adige, stands the Castelvecchio, the castle of Verona built in the mid-14th century at the behest of Cangrande II della Scala. A visit here will take you back to medieval Verona, in a romantic and fantastic atmosphere: the structure is divided between the large courtyard (in the center there is a strange fountain in the shape of a dog, a symbol of fidelity!) and the Reggia degli Scaligeri. Once an impregnable fortress, today Castelvecchio houses the Civic Museum of Verona. 

Piazza delle Erbe

Considered one of the most beautiful squares in Italy, Piazza delle Erbe is actually a small gem that will not fail to conquer you. Built on the ancient Roman forum (as the shape suggests), the square is a mix of styles, history, scents and fragrances. Take a look at the buildings that surround it, such as Palazzo della Ragione , Case Mazzanti , Palazzo Maffei and Casa dei Mercanti . The centre of the square is dominated by the fountain of the Madonna di Verona , built in the 14th century. Look also for the Antica Colonnae the so-called
Capital, a marble canopy from which the rulers of the city spoke to the people (and where the heads of those sentenced to death after execution were exposed!). The central part of the square is full of food stands and typical objects.

Romeo & Juliet

A few meters from Piazza delle Erbe , walking along Via Cappello , one of the most beautiful streets of the city, you will find yourself in front of the famous house of Juliet .
Above it overlooks the famous balcony: at the bottom, according to legend, Romeo declared his love for Juliet (even if … history mixes with fantasy.) The house is nice and cozy and worth a visit. Before leaving, do not forget to take a picture with the statue of Juliet.