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Verona: a UNESCO heritage

Verona for me is the most beautiful city in the world (after Venice), an extraordinary city. It enjoys a special microclimate with summer temperatures and mild winter.

It is surrounded by hills formed by the Adige river and has a long history.

It was declared by UNESCO a World Heritage Site.

It is the perfect example of a city on a human scale, the grating of the streets of the old town comes from the Roman period then taken up by many cities such as New York, Buenos Aires etc.For the architecture and the public spaces, for the monuments, churches, towers, palaces, for the alternation of the architectures of two thousand years that created a perfect balance between them and for the mild climate, Verona can be considered a splendid example for all the cities in the world as an ideal place to live: I am in love with this city.

Famous people that made it famous are: the architects Giuseppe Barbieri (who also designed Villa del Quar), Giacomo Franco, Ettore Fagiuoli, Michele Sanmicheli and Alessandro Pompei. The painters: Angelo Dall'Oca

Bianca, Luis Dorigny, Felice and Domenico Brusasorzi, Liberale da Verona, Paolo Veronese, Francesco and Domenico Morrone, Giovanni Francesco Caroto.

The musicians: Antonio Salieri and opera singers of the Arena Opera festivals such as Corelli, Maria Callas, Renato Bruson, Carreras, Pavarotti and Placido Domingo.

Below are some suggestions of routes for visiting Verona in the best way: Museums

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