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The towers of sighting in Valpolicella

The Templars learned from "Sufi", guardians of countless sciences, the art of using pigeons as messengers, strategic use in a time when long distance communications were difficult, if not impossible. Their use became a custom so widespread that in a later period arose in the Valpolicella valleys dozens of dove towers that used the doves or pigeons to communicate. They were scattered in such a way that you can track the vast territory to protect the valley and the city of Verona. There were fortified towers avvisatmento placed at particular distance from each other, such as to warn in time of arrival defense troops of enemy armies. The colombara name derives from the fact that the rapid communication system was the use of pigeons. The plant is generally square, sometimes rectangular, rarely round.

The development is usually vertical "tower" of two, three or four superimposed planes, with one compartment per floor.

The wall structure is very solid, with edges by reinforcing cornerstones and often ending to the "shoe" base, the summit of which we often find a stone bull frame, with original "anti-raid" function. Finally, in the highest part of the building with small round or oval windows, the pigeons were housed.

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