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The Via Claudia Augusta

Quar means fourth Roman mile from the city of Verona

The construction of the Via Claudia Augusta started in 15 BC with Drusus, general of Augusto, during some military campaigns
that led to the conquest of the territories of Rhaetia and Vindelicia (nowadays the western Tyrol and southern Germany).
It was expanded and then completed in 47 A.D. by his son, Emperor Claudius, from whom it then took its name.

It linked the ports of the Adriatic near Venice (Veneto tract) (Altino) with the Germany until the city of Ausburg near Monaco and from here to the Danube.

Concerning the Pianura Padana, we know, thanks to the testimony of the antique Roman document Tabula Peutingeriana, that it linked Ostiglia, Verona and Trento, where it joined the Altinate.

It pasess by the ancient walls of Villa del Quar. At that time the area was called Arquadis, it was a Mansio with shops at the ground level and the market at the center of the square, stables for horses, and upstairs bedrooms, so we could therefore say that this is the oldest hotel in the world still working. A staging post for health reasons, to change the horses that pulled the wagons with the goods that came from Germany. They could be sick and so it was important to replace them before entering into the city to prevent the transmission of diseases to the people of Verona, a walled and impregnable city.

Hotel Villa del Quar

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