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Spring at Villa del Quar

There is a wonderful relationship between Venetian villas with the surrounding countryside and nature.

At Villa del Quar it is wonderful to stay from Spring.

"The campaign is always amiable, always full of attractions for souls nobly willing" as Petrarch said, as was well understood by the Romans who considered the Villa a "myth" cultivated by the urban middle class on the benefits and pleasures of country life so well described in the Eclogues and Georgics of Virgil and the "De rerum Natura" of Lucretius.

This is demonstrated by the photos. It is in continuous bloom, nature awakens and colors but also perfumes pervade everywhere. The air is warm, the sounds of the countryside are soft, the first warmth enhanced by the singing of blackbirds and nightingales. A perfect place to relax in a territory rich of art and culture with 41 UNESCO sites: unique in the world!

We have represented in this section all the flowers that bloom in Villa del Quar in the various months of the year.

In spring: forsythias, daffodils, cherry and peach trees, roses, medlars of Japan and following until the autumn.

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