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Roman Verona

The first contacts between Rome and Verona are documented around the third century BC.

The Romans asked for help from the Paleoveneti, as they considered them relatives: this belief was the result of a legend that saw Antenor and Eneti, among the few survivors of the Trojan War, driven out of their land, and came after a long traveling in the northern Adriatic. The same Cato says that "Venetos Troiana stripe ortos".

The Verona area was populated by the Venetians, and soon began to prove to be the great strategic importance of Verona. The Roman Senate, demanded the expansion of the fortified castrum, while Roman colonists and indigenous peoples placed the foundations for the building of a new city inside the Adige. At the end of the third Punic war passed now from

Verona vital lines of communication as the way Postumia, which left Genoa and arrived at Aquileia.

Under the Empire of Augustus Verona became an even more important strategic hub, so it became the second city of the Roman Empire and the increased importance of the Adige valley, which link with northern Europe, and because of the importance strategic Verona, allowed the construction of the via Claudia Augusta, which Ostiglia (where another road coming from Rome) led up to the Brenner pass and then in the current Austria and from there to Augsburg and the Danube

This ancient road was built by the emperor Claudius in 47 A.D. It runs right along the walls that border Villa del Quar.

Testimonies of the Roman city are the Arena, the Roman Theatre, Porta Borsari, the Door Leonia and the Stone Bridge. Many artifacts are visible in the Archaeological Museum near the Roman theater and the Maffeiano museum.

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