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UNESCO heritage

It is defended and protected by the waters of the river Mincio, enriched by its wonderful monuments that rise into the sky. A small town but full of atmosphere and charm. Almost an ideal city.

In the twelfth century the architect Alberto Pitentino organized a city defense system using the river Mincio that lapped to achieve 4 pools of water to form 4 lakes around the city.

The profile of Mantua, the skyline, for those coming from the east along the bridge very reminiscent of Walt Disney Fantasyland.

The wonderful city on a human scale, is enriched by monuments, magnificent churches and palaces: Tea Palace of Giulio Romano as the famous Hall of the giants, that of Cupid and Psyche, and the horse hall celebrating the Gonzaga stables at the time famous throughout Europe. Doge's Palace is perhaps more correct to speak of city-building, because the complex consists of several buildings connected by corridors and galleries, and enriched with inner courtyards, some cupboards, and extensive gardens, with frescoes by Andrea Mantegna devoted to Ludovico III Gonzaga and his wife Barbara of Brandenburg and is the largest palace in Europe (30,000 square meters), Palazzo della Ragione, Palazzo San Sebastiano, where in the main hall of the building there were nine paintings depicting Mantegna Triumphs of Caesar were sold to the English, and today are preserved adHampton crown Court., Mantegna's House, House of Rigoletto

It is from Villa del Quar 40 minutes by car, it is a city to visit absolutely on foot.

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