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Bike & Hiking

The Valpolicella and the area around Lake Garda is full of bike picturesque paths,  away from the beaten track traffic between the provinces of Verona and Mantua, in the Natural Park of Lessinia and the Mincio river, leading to the discovery of fields and woods , in the quiet rolling agricultural landscapes, farms, villas, villages and ancient ruins still dormant witnesses of a noble past.

The Valpolicella

 The Valpolicella is the name of a specific area that consists of three Valleys which small and narrow rivers ( called progni) run down from the Lessini mountain north of Verona : the progno of Fumane, Marano and Negrar.. A hilly landscape, covered by a pergola style vineyards and pastures, meadows, forests of beech and fir trees in the area of Lessini. Beautiful views and important historic and artistic attractions to be known and discovered.

The bike routes
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Tour of the Churches

Lake Garda

Mincio River bicycle path
A fascinating journey, along a cycle path among the most famous and popular ones . From Lake Garda to Mantua, between the provinces of Verona and Mantua, in the Regional Natural Park of the Mincio River. The complete itinerary along the main stretch of bike lane from Peschiera to Mantua, is about 48 km. The route is completely flat and paved.

The route

The Baldo eastern bicycle path
Beautiful and challenging route that allows you to discover the eastern slopes of Monte Baldo which slopes steeply to the lake.

The route

Bardolino- Garda - Torri del Benaco
The routes run along the area of Lake Garda, in the hinterland away from the traditional tourist routes, which often fail to convey fully the characteristic beauty. Path along the hillside in the heart of the Riviera of Olives, which runs through the old streets that once linked Garda, Torri del Benaco, Albisano

The route

The Valdadige-along the ancient Roman road Claudia Augusta

400 km cycling in a mountain landscape from Germany to the plains to Verona along the ancient route of the famous Roman road Claudia Augusta, which passes in front of Villa del Quar.

Through cities and places of great interest, nature and art a cycling route that has no rivals, suitable for individuals and families.

The emperor Claudius expanded the Via Claudia Augusta, making the first real road between the Adriatic port of Altinum and the Danube river .

Along the cycling route of the Via Claudia Augusta come back to life the ancient cultural and commercial road of the Roman Empire. The variety is its strenght. An unforgettable combination of landscapes, lively cities, idyllic villages, hundreds of testimonials from a turbulent history and culture

The route                                                                                     C.S.I. (Verona)  Claudia Augusta


For guests who choose the Villa del Quar as a basis for a stay of charm and relax but also dedicated to sport and nature, we created the Bike energy snacks.

Food energy, available to cyclists, hikers  staying at Villa del Quar to enjoy ycling trips at the beautiful Lake Garda, along the river Mincio from Mantua to Peschiera.
These snacks are designed by the Chef of Villa del Quar to join a moderate-calorie all the nutrients necessary to compensate for the physical strain caused by sporting activities.

Bike snack is a tributeof Family Montresor to all bikers, hikers staying at Villa del Quar.



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