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Venetian Villas

The Venetian Villa is a type of residence founded by the aristocracy of the Republic of Venice and developed agricultural areas of Domains of Mainland in the late fifteenth century and the nineteenth century.

In this period more than four thousand Venetian villas were built, most of which are protected by the Regional Venetian Villas. In the sixteenth century, with the architect Andrea Palladio, he formed a specific kind of Venetian villa, identified with the name of Palladian villa: the Palladian villas of the Veneto have all been included in the list of UNESCO Heritage.

The Venetian conquest of the Veneto-Friuli Mainland,, accomplished between the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, entailed a greater Venetian-Venetian aristocracy concern for land possessions. To large property they are accompanied large investments in agriculture. The symbol of this "world" was the Venetian villa, which flanked both the aesthetics and the grandeur of the manor house, both the buildings necessary for the management of the surrounding estate: he therefore, unlike other systems of villas, a double function, both for representation and entertainment, that the production center.

The structure of the villa in Mainland finds its basis in the castles, fallen into disuse from these architectures, the Venetian nobility began in villa conversion, adding over time an increasing number of stylistic elements to draw up a model that has its apex in Palladian mansions: the Venetian is exported in the elegant residences of the Mainland, while love for the countryside and for the hilly horizons influence especially the sixteenth-century art in Venice, as evidenced by the works of Giorgione and Titian.

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