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Veneto painter

Jacopo Robusti, known as Tintoretto (Venice, April 29, 1519 - Venice, May 31, 1594), was a great Italian painter influenced by Roman, Tuscan and Emilia in tow kind of Raphael and Michelangelo; for

the circulation of prints and drawings of that culture in the Veneto; for the presence in Venice of Tuscan artists such as Jacopo Sansovino, Giorgio Vasari.

The first works of Tintoretto, who said to have frequented for a very short time Titian's workshop, reflect this climate and are particularly rich in the inventive fluency suggestions.

Tintoretto's language matured and has its first impressive achievements in the "Dinner" in 1547 of the San Marcuola church and the "Miracle of St. Mark" painted in 1548 for the School dedicated to the saint where they appear now established some of the basic notes characterizing his style: the overwhelming and complex spatial-perspective dynamism.

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