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Emilio Salgari

Knight of the Order of the Crown of Italy

Relative in the direct line of the current owner of Villa del Quar.

Carlo Maria Giuseppe Emilio Salgari (Verona, August 21, 1862 - Turin, 25 April 1911) was an Italian writer of popular adventure novels. An extraordinarily prolific author, is best remembered for being the "father" of Sandokan, the pirates cycle of Malaysia and that the pirates of the West Indies. He also wrote historical novels, such as Carthage in flames, and several fantastic stories, such as The Wonders of the millennium in which prefigured the current society of a century later, and is considered one of the precursors of science fiction in Italy and in particular member of the novel genre scientific. Many of his works have had film and television adaptations.

Salgari owes its popularity to an impressive novelistic production, with eighty works (more than 200 considering the stories) divided into various adventurous cycles, with the invention of highly successful people like Sandokan, Yanez de Gomera and the Black Corsair.
These characters are inserted in an accurate historical context; in actions that the writer has described so well without ever having visited them.

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