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Villa del Quar - National Monument

Luxury & cultural destination, along the Imperial roman road Claudia Augusta 

This National Monument has been a hotel or a place to stay since 47 A.D. it is also a place of culture, which inspired the philological restoration of antiquarian architect-owner, who with materials and antique furniture could recreate the atmosphere of the past. There is available in the tea room a small library related to art, culture, history and landscape of the circostante territory.Guides expert in the territory, are available (this is a plus compared to other hotels), to arrange with you visits to important sites such as the 41 UNESCO (and one of the richest areas in the world).

They are members of the regional association and members of the Institute of the Venetian Villas, therefore theyknow many owners with whom have worked for a long time. We will let you visit their spectacular villas, wonderful places full of magic and you will be enchanted by fascinating stories of the past.

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Leopoldo Montresor Architect

It isa hotel in the Veneto countryside just 5 km from the city of Verona

"The campaign is always amiable, always full of attractions for souls nobly willing" as Petrarch said, as was well understood by the Romans who considered Villa a "myth" cultivated by the urban middle class on the benefits and pleasures of country life so well described in the Eclogues and Georgics of Virgil and the "De rerum Natura" of Lucretius.

The history of Villa del Quar http://issuu.com/ristorantearquade/docs/libro_villa_del_quar_english/7?e=0

The origins

Villa del Quar was built in Roman times, as evidenced by existing Bifora in Palazzo Dominicale and cellar face located along the Roman road Claudia Augusta. It was a Mansio from 47 A.D. and it was used as a horse post station. He had the ground floor shops, stables, in the central garden the market, the first level rooms. We can therefore say that it may be the oldest hotel still in operation in the world

The Villa became castle Scaligero in the period (XIII-XV SEC.) To take on much of its present form between 500 and 600. The property includes an Oratory of the second half of the eighteenth century.

Friezes in the eaves of the sixteenth-century building represen the goddess Minerva in the guise of a warrior with shield and aegis with the head of the Gorgon or Medusa, which are the two signs of the house protection.

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Villa in exclusive

With the Villa for exclusive use you can live with your guests an extraordinary experience and imagine that you are the owners of the Venetian villa.

Organized with our dedicated staff, our collaboration and supervision Gala dinners, elegant festivities in beautiful spaces and different with Villa just for you and your guests.

You can have all 25 rooms (13 suites and 12 doubles), of the Hall, The room, porch, meeting rooms up to 150 people in the Barchessa, the 15,000 square meter park. Surrounded by high walls, the car park along the tree-lined avenue, the exclusive parking inside the Brolo, the two helicopter landing pads, the gardens, the pool. Use all for dining rooms (Eurosia, Tresor, Serra, The room, medieval hall, and gazebo), the kitchen and the bars with all of its staff time and in a manner described below.

"You think about what you just organize events throughout the rest to us

The reasons for this choice

Personally I disagree with the idea that hotels are all the same and offer the same basic services.

They may have very different locations.

They can be housed in new buildings or from different historical periods.

They may have a story made even more fascinating by the distinguished guests who have visited them.

The current trend is mainly for preferred hotel locations which offer for convenience or laziness services without using the car.

The use of a cab is of limited convenience and low cost but can be ahigh cost if used frequently over long distances. At that point it is cheaper to use a hire car.


The choice of Villa del Quar that it is located just 5 km from Verona offers these advantages:

1. Noise level equal to a maximum of 30 dB during the night

2. Excellent air quality due to the presence of trees in the park and the vineyards.

3. Cooler temperatures with excellent ventilation

4. Minor sense of humidity both real and perceived with the effect of ventilation

5. The presence of the park of tall trees of lawns vineyards creates a very important microclimate that makes it very pleasant to stay. Creating local air movements for the different pressures that occur inside and outside the park that reduce temperatures by 8.6 degrees and the breeze improves the atmosphere.

6. The presence of the pool improves the living conditions

7. There have been created driveways or paved paths that produce an overheating of the surrounding gravel but only just shed light on the paths with beneficial effects (we did the experience of which has created these wonderful villas).

8. The walks in the park allow guests to relax and enjoy the fruit that ripens on the trees. The same fruit that is served to guests in the afternoon by the pool. The same fruit that is served at the restaurant with its own vegetables or local production.

9. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served in nature among flowers and perfumes in the maximum relax

10. The rooms with the typical size of a house with colors and antique furniture in the local cultural tradition that offer the feeling of living like in their own home.

Comfort in the bedrooms is provided by:

10.1) soft mattresses covers

10.2) lightweight duvets “Daunen Step” with pleasant comfort if the internal temperature of the room is 20 to 23 degrees.

11. All the common spaces are on a human scale. Here many people come back because they find the balance of body and spirit.

12. The furnishing of the common spaces remembers the living rooms of the houses with typical colors of the Italian tradition but mostly Venetian "The home away from home".

13. Now, as in the past, the owner lives in the "Palace" welcomes its guests in their own home on the property that considers a "homeland", enjoy the vegetables produced in the country "orchard", just how people lived at the time of civilization of the Venetian villas.

Hotel Villa del Quar

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