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The tea room - The Conservatory

It is the most private area of the Villa, the English would call it "the conservatory", ideal place to relax with a good book while drinking a cup of tea accompanied by homemade pastries..

The Conservatory is supported by columns made of tuff, closed by glass windows that opens towards a terrace by the pool. Outside you can enjoy the calm of the countryside.

This room is covered by an ancient wooden ceiling and has an original cotto tile floor original of the 16thCentury made with lozenges and tiles. On the walls, there are gold and silver plated torches from the eighteenth Century. with lampshade upholstered with Neapolitan tulle dating back to 1800.

Along the north and south sides of this room, the windows are covered with an external face in antique cotto tile with diamond design, typical of the Valpolicella barns.

In a small library you can find books on the history of the Villa and the culture of the surrounding area, preserved in a vintage library of the Neapolitan Empire style.

You can choose from a fine selection of tea, accompanied by our small bakery products.

Lying in front of the pool, the terrace is a great place to relax, where you can be served the "Comfort Food" of the Gazebo. It can become, if requested, a dining room for extremely exclusive and private events.

We proposed this solution for our most distinguished customers who want maximum privacy.

Hotel Villa del Quar

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