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The Portico - Medieval Fair

It is located in the west wing of the villa. It is a large living space which leads to meeting rooms, the cellar and the 4 suites (No. 26-27-28-29). It is a beautiful living room with large windows to the garden of the villa. Spectacular is the western wall that runs along the Via Claudia Augusta. It is the wall of the ancient castle of Scaligero which was Quar from the thirteenth to the fifteenth century. [One of the few but well clear of that evidence remained]

The wooden structure of the roof is supported by trusses 4, two beautiful staircases lead respectively in the ancient Roman era wine cellar while the other leads to the three suites of the upper levels. The floors are old terracotta.

Two seventeenth century mirrors, a sixteenth-century tapestry of Bruges with the theme "The Rape of the Sabine Women" and some twist complement the decor of the Scala wall walls.

Two modern leather sofas furnish the living room of the space. A strong Austrian plane owned by the Countess Von Kloiber wife of the owner's great grandfather, recals the history of the family.

A crystal table and steel (Doge), designed by the architect Carlo Scarpa, professor of architectural composition 4:05 in Venice who has graduated from the current owner

This space is also used for civil marriages. The bride comes down spectacularly from the ancient staircase accompanied by the witness.

It sis 'connected with 5 Suites that make up the west wing of the Villa that can be given exclusively. Access can be independent

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