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Everyone must enjoy the “Eubiosia” (the good life) as the ancient Greeks called it, they only need now to find it Beauty of the body gives physical and mental security complemented by proper nutrition

An interesting and innovative combination of luxury hotels and luxury clinic

Hidden, secluded and protected to for the privacy of important people Villa del Quar is for use in primary mode clinic services. Privacy is an essential feature for a clinic of this level suitable to host an international top customers, the highest level, as it is of the highest level of the Hotel Villa del Quar customers. There is also the possibility to work with nearby hospitals that often have problems in hosting and in satisfying the most demanding customers with high-end, and after a surgical intervention could make a recovery at Villa del Quar, and not just any old hotel, left alone and devoid of any medical service but in an adjoining building to a hotel that uses all the services but especially followed by the doctors of the clinic and the doctors who performed the operation. From the clinical and psychological standpoint this continuity is key. The same may provide all necessary information and assistance to doctors in the clinic of Villa del Quar. Naturally, the services offered are of high level with 24 hours on 24 Restaurants and bars and of course with a doctor during the night.

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Hotel Villa del Quar

Via Quar, 12 - 37029 San Pietro in Cariano - Verona - Italy
Tel. +39 0456800681 - info@hotelvilladelquar.it
Room rates: € 200 - € 1.000
C.F P.I: 02286650235 luxury hotel