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The ancient cellar is situated along the Imperial Roman road “Claudia Augusta” at a lower altitude. It can be reached from the Portico by a beautiful staircase. that is bounded by an upper opening that leads to the microclimate of the cellar.

In ancient times, the ventilation was created by four deep niches in the stone floor which was made with stone from the river Adige and also by the overlying stone arches. Nowadays the same is ensured by a mechanical system of ventilation and dehumidification.

The “terracotta floor” has an antique design, in the two short opposite sides are figured: on one side two dancing putti that radiate a sense of joviality, while on the opposite side, this concept is led to the highest levels with the face of a delighted satyr.

The wines are housed in wooden structures with diamond-shaped cells, above these structures there are three plaster busts as a protection to the content.

The lighting consists of six iron torches, the design of which was taken up by braziers painted in a painting by Titian of 1576.

The main door dates back to the sixteenth century and is made up of iron piles assembled using simple iron rivets.

The wine list has a total of 1,000 important labels from all over the world.

We offer 3 fascinating wines from our production: Satyrvs, Avsia and Svblitis accompanied by amuse bouche and finger food in a perfect combination.

You will be delighted and surprised. The enchanting atmosphere fascinates you in a way that you will not easily forget. .

Hotel Villa del Quar

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