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The Tresor lounge

“Atmosphere intimate and elegant”

The dining-room Tresor was in the early 1900s turned into a shelter for farm equipment and stable for cows and horses.

It has been restored to its former glory by demolishing the concrete ceiling and replacing it with the ancient wooden structure , according to the Venetian tradition.

All the furnishings including prints, frames, candlesticks, tables, chairs and curtains, are of Empire style or from the era of Directory. The floor has been fashioned with Venetian marble and designs typical of that time.

The walls are decorated by a beautiful band in twisted goblen fabric, at the same height of the chairs, it constitutes a protection for the walls but also a very elegant finishing that delimits the bottom side made in red Empire style Venetian stucco, it is an elegant dining room with a great atmosphere.

It has a capacity of 25/30 people.

Hotel Villa del Quar

Via Quar, 12 - 37029 San Pietro in Cariano - Verona - Italy
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