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Restaurant in exclusive use

"Special events with special people require special places"

Very often in occasions of celebration, people try to find different solutions for not having to cook and organize everything in their homes. Some people choose the catering service with strangers who come to work in the heart of your private home.

In other cases, people choose restaurants, but it may happen that even with reserved dining-rooms you cannot experience the event in complete privacy.                                                                

What we offer

1. separate room from other restaurant rooms with full privacy

2. living spaces with sofas to converse, exchanging gifts, as if you were in a family environment

3. Our personal service

4. outdoor spaces for children to play

5. an interior space to change babies or get them to rest

These services are offered in the tea room for 20 people, and in the medieval hall for 40

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Hotel Villa del Quar

Via Quar, 12 - 37029 San Pietro in Cariano - Verona - Italy
Tel. +39 0456800681 - info@hotelvilladelquar.it
Room rates: € 200 - € 1.000
C.F P.I: 02286650235 luxury hotel