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Outdoor restaurant

Villa del Quar is a luxury hotel located in a Venetian villa in the Veneto countryside

It was appreciated by writers and poets such as Francesco Petrarca ( "Campaign is always lovable, always full of attractions for souls nobly willing"). But even before 47 A.D. the Romans had a great attraction towards the countryside (De Rerum Naturae, Georgics, bucolic: "locus amoenus")

The city hotels are characterized by a lack of greenery and traffic noise, together with a lack of natural ventilation, everything is "solved" with artificial climate control. The present Pope Francesco himself in an encyclical has suggested that we try to avoid artificial instruments and instead to engage with nature..

Hotels in the countryside have markedly different characteristics, they can have a large amount of surrounding land and usually have a fantastic tranquility and a special microclimate.

"The outdoor spaces are essential"

The relationship with the surrounding countryside is simply natural and fantastic: it is harmony.

For those who love the countryside it is crucial to enjoy the green and the outdoor spaces, be heated by the sun, caressed by a gentle breeze and cuddled by our staff. This is the sublimation of feeling good (locus amoenus).

So what could be nicer to be able to have lunch or dinner in the summer immersed in the green of the trees on the lawns and in direct contact with nature?

Hotel Villa del Quar

Via Quar, 12 - 37029 San Pietro in Cariano - Verona - Italy
Tel. +39 0456800681 - info@hotelvilladelquar.it
Room rates: € 200 - € 1.000
C.F P.I: 02286650235 luxury hotel