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Our wines

In our properties in Valpolicella we managed to produce three special grapes of high quality from which we produce three fantastic wines .

Satyrus, a young Valpolicella , Avsia a white wine from a “clone” of red grapes (Rondinella) and Svblitis made in the same way of Amarone but adding other grapes to obtain a more rounded wine of international repute.

Using these three wines we can organize some fantastic wine tasting in the ancient cellar with amouse bouche and finger food specifically studied to obtain the best match possible. The wine tasting dinner in the Serra of Arquade Restaurant will be unforgettable. Our wines can be purchased at the hotel and can be shipped worldwide .

Below are the description of the three wines:

AVSIA - 2015

The Avsia is a white wine refined, with very pleasant and mellow fruity hints, perceptible on the nose and in its persistence in the mouth, well balanced with a crisp acidity and a strong minerality, which give a nice elegance and a very easy-drinking, making it perfect from the aperitif to the combination with many dishes, due to its versatility.

SATYRVS – 2015

The Satyrvs is a young red wine with a fine structure, with a pleasantly fresh taste and fruity scents.

Is characterized by an elegant simplicity that gives it a very drinkable character making it suitable for any time of the day, from the aperitif to the meal, and at every time of the year, even on a hot summer day, for example, if served at a cooler temperature.


The Svblitis is a wine with an elegant imposing structure, enveloping the mouth with his wealth and caress the tongue with his velvety tannins, with the taste and long finish characterized by a beautiful fruit supported by a very complex and sensual bouquet, also full of spicy and toasted hints.

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