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"Charm and relax in the park of Villa del Quar"

Supported by four stone columns of the eighteenth century with cloth roof, it is equipped with a small kitchen to serve light lunches.

It is located near the pool, surrounded by flowers and fruit trees. The Gazebo is the ideal place to enjoy fresh and quick meals during lunchtime and in the afternoon sitting in the shade of the Berceau.

Climbing plants adorn the sides and the cover, such as kiwi and strawberry grape, cherry trees, apricots, apples, plums and jujubes, which guests can pick directly from the trees.

Even when the sun is beating onto the Berceau, the temperature is optimal for the effect of the plants and of the natural cover that the plans create, with the ever-present ventilation, a pleasant microclimate.

Hotel Villa del Quar

Via Quar, 12 - 37029 San Pietro in Cariano - Verona - Italy
Tel. +39 0456800681 - info@hotelvilladelquar.it
Room rates: € 200 - € 1.000
C.F P.I: 02286650235 luxury hotel