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Eurosia lounge

"Charm and timeless beauty"

It is the ancient eighteenth-century chapel of the villa; the ceiling is vaulted, the windows have borders in tuff and typical design of Louis XVI period.

Coeval is the beautiful wooden portal with tones on blue and spirals. This portal has a mirror in the internal side that is used to create a spatial ambiguity, doubling the depth of the former chapel.

The tones of blue are featured by the curtains, but especially in the four monumental torches of Empire era that comes from a Venetian palace.

At the center it is a majestic Murano chandelier, its pendants resumes in the tones and colors the Venetian marble floor.

At the walls of this room, there are prints and paintings and the same band of "goblen", which is located in the Tresor room, in perimeter protection of the walls.

For its size, is a room that is suitable for the most exclusive events.

It has a maximum capacity of 50 people.

The maximum enhancement is achieved by setting up an imperial table with large silver candlesticks, candles and flowers for up to 25 people.

The charm that is conferred by this arrangement is extraordinary and of great emotional impact.

It is also suitable for small private meetings arranged with round tables.

Hotel Villa del Quar

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